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Environment is a priceless boon & is a reason for sustaining growth. Conservation of environment with its all natural resources will only help us to see a better tomorrow. Increasing industrialization helping us to increase the GDP but its adverse effect towards environment is a great threat. Regular plantation & its maintenance help us to decrease its effect.
Our approach is not only focussed to move with economy but we equally address the social & environmental issues. Our continuous approach towards utilizing the environmental friendly equipments and improvement of current practices to reduce the pollution at all levels.

Simplex Casting Ltd. participates in plantation activities. Have planted more than 10,000 plants in recent years. The foundry although considered as an polluting industries, but the company takes a lot of care in restricting the release of smoke and other pollutants in the environment to the minimum possible and definitely much below the government norms.

Waste generated is utilized in environment friendly manner. The sand in the foundry is reclaimed again and again and the waste sand finally is used for land fills. The management ensures that the waste generated out of the foundry is used such that it does not impact the environment.
Environment Policy
"The collective of Simplex Castings Ltd., is fully committed to protect the environment by minimizing pollution and it's impact on Air, Water, Greenery and Land. Every possible effort will be made by all to:
  • Minimize waste generation and re-use it to the maximum extent.
  • Comply with legislation, regulation & norms formed by the State and Central Government.
  • Conserve energy, water and raw materials.
  • Create environment awareness amongst all employees & nearby population
  • Make all possible efforts for rain water harvesting.