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Simplex Castings Ltd. specializes in manufacture of all type of sinter & Pallet Car in Cast Steel as well as Ductile Iron. The Sinter Car in Ductile Iron was developed under technical guidance of SATO corporation, Japan.
Sinter Plant Equipments We manufacture Sinter & Pallet Cars:
  • Single Piece
  • Two Piece (Center Bolted)
  • Sintering Machine Equipments
    • Loading & Discharging Station Assembly Complete with Guide Rails.
    • Raw Mix Feed Hopper and Dust Collecting Trough.
    • Sliding Track Consisting of longitudinal & cross beams, sealing Rail.
    • Wind Boxes
    • Cascade Chutes
    • Ducts, etc.
    Induration Machine of Pallet Plant
    Pellet Plant Equipments
    • Drive Station
    • Slide Track
    • Wind Boxes
    • Discharge Station
    • Spillage Chutes & Hood Seals
    • Hearth layer Bin &Transfer Chutes
    • Feed Hopper & Segregation Bins
    • Ducts
    • Capable to manufacture
    • Roller Screen &
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