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Simplex Castings Ltd is world's largest producer of Coke Oven Doors & Assemblies. We have manufactured and supplied more than 13,000 Doors, world wide. Our Coke Oven Air Cooled doors conform to latest environment control standards with almost no Emissions. We have manufactured Conventional Doors, IKIO Doors and the latest Blue sky Doors.
Simplex Yamasaki Collabotion
Coke Oven Doors
Simplex with Yamasaki provides the latest BLUE SKY DOOR, the best solution for Emission Free coke production. Starting from air-cooled IKIO door, we have developed ultimate third generation air-cooled BLUE SKY DOOR in association with Yamasaki.

Advantages of BLUE SKY DOORS
Blue Sky Door for Coke Oven
  • High sealing performance: Gas sealing performance is 8 to 10 times better than that of the existing conventional coke oven doors.
  • Long life: Door body is strong enough for usage beyond 30 years.
  • Easy adjustment: Adjustment to fit knife edge to bowed door jamb is easy. Once you make adjustment after putting the door in position, you need not to do any additional adjustment till the door goes out of service.
  • Easy maintenance: Cartridge type gas sealing unit can be exchanged after 5 to 6 years of service within an hour.
  • Good gas sealing capability: After exchanging of Cassette / Cartridge, the Gas sealing performance of the door would
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